Sounds of Summer: A Summertime SoundCloud Playlist

iZotope News  |  June 29, 2016


Photo: Mickey O'neil

We wanted to get in on some of the summer fun over here at iZotope. As we embrace the “Sounds of Summer” across the next few months, we needed a soundtrack that could help us get in the mood. As much as we love the classic summer hits, we were interested in finding what new summer jams are on the horizon, so we dug deep into the stacks of wax over at SoundCloud to see if there might be some underground gems that could help get us in the spirit.

We set some simple criteria:

  1. Feature original, up-and-coming artists with less than 50,000 listens.
  2. Extra credit for gobs of tremolo, spring reverb, baritone guitar, and tight vocal harmonies.

Now hear this!

After toiling away in the hot sun and sweating through our headphones, here’s what we found. Pour yourself a lemonade and enjoy!

Don’t turn that dial!

We found so much great music on SoundCloud that we’ll be publishing new playlists all summer long, and one of them might feature your music! Follow iZotope on SoundCloud to keep in touch, and be sure to use the hashtags #iZotope and#soundsofsummer whenever you post something new to SoundCloud and publicize it on social media. We’re listening and looking forward to hearing your next hit!

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