It’s iZotope’s 15th birthday—and we’re giving you a present!

We’re celebrating our milestone birthday with a free re-issue of a fan favorite plug-in.

iZotope News  |  February 2, 2016


We’ve come pretty far since our beginnings in a dorm room at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). But the spirit of iZotope has remained the same: We’re still a passionate group of like-minded engineers and music lovers dedicated to building high-quality creative tools for the audio community.

We released our very first product, a free vinyl simulation plug-in, back in 2001. Musicians and engineers loved the nostalgic, analog sounds. Before long, we were hearing the “Vinyl” touch on just about everything—from songs to soundtracks to sound effects for film, television, and video games.

So in celebration of our 15th birthday, we’re re-releasing Vinyl! As always, Vinyl is absolutely free to download. But with this re-release, you get an upgraded Vinyl with new features and beefed-up compatibility with modern hosts.

A new era, a new Vinyl

The new Spin Down button simulates the sound you hear when you slowly stop the playback of a record. The results range from a dramatic “record stop” all the way to a subtler nuance on an individual instrument. We also built the new Vinyl to support the modern operating systems and audio editing software of 2016: It’s 64-bit compatible on both Mac and PC, and supports AAX and VST3 formats. In addition, the Warp features are now available for use in all supported plug-in formats.

Everything you loved about Vinyl is still here, too! Add the simulated sounds of dust, scratches, crackles, pops, and warping of a worn record to give your recordings that classic analog mojo. You can even add the mechanical noise of a turntable for extra lo-fi authenticity.

Download Vinyl for free

Add Vinyl to your tracks to emulate the classic characteristics of vintage records and record players. It’s the ultimate lo-fi weapon for adding the dirty, dusty feel of a different era.

  • New to Vinyl? Get it for free from the Vinyl product page.

  • Already own Vinyl? If you have a previous version of Vinyl, access your free serial from within your iZotope Account.

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