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iZotope’s CEO shares an update on where iZotope’s music and post production products are headed. Let us know what interests you!

iZotope News  |  August 27, 2015


First off, hello! I'm Mark Ethier, CEO and Co-Founder of iZotope. This is my first article for the iZotope blog, and I look forward to checking in with you more often in the future. I’m writing to give you an update on iZotope’s future product roadmap.

What I want to share in particular is our decision to divide the iZotope product line into two distinct families of products: one line of Music Production products and one line of Audio Post Production products. This division feels natural as we gather more feedback about what you, our community, needs from us.

How We Got Here

Since 2001, iZotope has developed products to inspire musicians, producers, and audio engineers of all kinds. In recent years, more and more audio post production professionals have joined our community with unique needs from the world of TV, film, and other media. To keep inspiring all of our customers, we know we need to address each world individually.

If we take a "one size fits all" approach to a product, the result is a tool that doesn’t fit anyone particularly well. Our goal is to unlock creativity by providing the right tools at the right time. By designing our products to better align with the task at hand, we can help keep everyone in their creative zone, whether they’re mastering a record or mixing for a film.


Music Production Products

Music production and creation has long been the heart of our company, and we will continue to develop products that inspire and enable musicians of all kinds to be creative. Moving forward, the Music Production family will be led by Ozone for mastering and complemented by products for mixing, vocals, and creative effects, like Alloy, Nectar, and Trash. 


Post Production Products

Through close collaboration with audio post professionals, we designed our new Post Production Suite to address challenges in the edit, mix, and delivery stages of their workflow. The Suite spotlights RX for audio repair and enhancement, and is rounded out by RX Final Mix for balancing mixes and submixes, and RX Loudness Control for complying with broadcast loudness standards.

What next? Help us know you better.

Through the rest of 2015, you’ll see major releases for both Music and Post, as well as changes to our website that reflect this new focus. One of our first priorities, though, is to better understand the interests of every iZotope community member. We value our relationship with you, and we want to keep our interactions as relevant to your daily life as possible.

To help know you better, we have added 3 new questions to your User Profile in your iZotope Account. It should only take 60 seconds to complete, and it will help ensure we keep our conversations relevant to your interests.

Tell us what matters to you

Thank you for your time, and for supporting iZotope!

PS: Thoughts on our direction? We take your feedback seriously. Please share your comments with us at

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