Shine Australia Relies on RX

A leading post production facility in Sydney relies on RX 4 Advanced for their daily audio editing needs.

iZotope News  |  January 28, 2015


The Sound Department at Shine Australia, a digital and television content producer, has adopted RX in their editing workflows—and seen tremendous gains as a result. Although they have been using iZotope products on a daily basis for several years, their workflow has sped up dramatically since upgrading to RX 4 Advanced.

Reality television "delivers daily challenges in terms of the audio quality we receive from the field," say Mike Kent and Rory Martin, post production audio editors. "However, these challenges have become dramatically easier to contend with by using the wide range of modules found in RX 4 Advanced, particularly Dereverb, Dialogue Denoiser, EQ Match, and Ambience Match."

For Shine Australia, RX 4 never fails to improve the quality of the audio they produce. It's allowed them to work far more efficiently, productively, and professionally. "We love RX 4," they say, "and urge every soundie to get on board!"

For Shine Australia's post production editors, RX is a necessary tool for their workflow. Want to enhance your production facility's editing capabilities with iZotope products? Contact

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