RX Added to Audio Repair Curriculum at SSR

UK music and media production school uses iZotope plug-ins to offer real-world training in post production.

iZotope News  |  December 5, 2014


For today’s audio training facilities, there’s no better education than hands-on experience with contemporary software and hardware. Much of the success of these programs hinges on facilities that reflect real-world editing environments.

iZotope’s audio repair and enhancement toolkit, RX, is the industry standard for post production editors. In order to familiarize students with the tools they'll encounter in modern production houses, the School of Sound Recording (SSR), a music and media training academy, has added RX to their London post production courses.

“The post production courses at SSR are set out to give students in-depth training for the post production industry,” says Mark Apicella, Head of Post Production at SSR London. “The inclusion of iZotope RX within the SSR curriculum is deemed necessary for students to learn the complete post production process.”

SSR uses RX 4 Advanced in their Advanced Noise Reduction Technique lecture, where students learn how to clean up production audio. Topics include removing unwanted frequency hums, such as on-set lighting buzz, using the Remove Hum module, and reducing background noise with Denoise and Dialogue Denoiser.

Declip, Declick, and Decrackle are also used to show how audio editors can remove unwanted digital clicks, cracking from lapel microphones, and any production sound that may have been digitally clipped at source.

The addition of RX supports SSR's reputation as an innovative leader in the education space; in fact, their Manchester campus recently become the first educational establishment in the UK to install an Avid S6 console.

For SSR, as for any audio education facility, RX is a necessary tool in the post production arsenal for solving on-set audio issues with clean, natural, and artifact-free results. Want to enhance your institution’s curriculum with iZotope products? Contact edu@izotope.com.

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