TRAC San Diego Adds iZotope Software

iZotope News  |  June 2, 2014


The Recording Arts Center in San Diego has added RX 3, RX 3 Advanced, and Insight to its Associate Degree curriculum! Mark Kirchner, Chief Academic Officer, is responsible for adding industry-leading tools that ensure students are learning to the highest standards in audio production.

“We're extremely excited about forging this academic partnership with iZotope,” Mark told us. “With this addition, we’re ensuring that we keep our focus on the cutting edge as part of our mission statement, 'to develop a facility recognized for excellence in both teaching and professional engineering.'”

iZotope products are focused on in-depth in course classes and are accessible to students throughout the facility's classrooms, edit suites, and studios. In addition, TRAC students are eligible for our academic discounts.

TRAC San Diego is located as part of Studio West and offers associate degree programs in audio recording from award-winning staff.

Read more about TRAC’s addition of iZotope software.

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