Pyramind Teaches with iZotope

iZotope News  |  June 10, 2014


Pyramind, an education facility specializing in sound
 for interactive media and AAA video games, has incorporated iZotope audio software into its curriculum. Based in San Francisco, Pyramind Training has a long-standing policy of using only the most current and widely-used industry tools, and iZotope software has earned a seat at their table.

To offer students an up-to-date education in line with industry-standards, the program also limits exposure to software and hardware so students aren’t inundated with tools below the standard. Pyramind’s training programs include 8-month Core and 12-month Digital Sound Producer Curriculums. Both programs emphasize three key themes for success in today’s music and audio industry: creativity, technology and entrepreneurship.

“iZotope represents DSP software in audio at the highest levels and is a natural fit for Pyramind Training and its commitment to Music Production Training Excellence,” says Matt Donner, Pyramind’s Chief Academic Officer.  “We look forward to continued relations with iZotope and can’t wait to see what they invent next!”

iZotope tools can be found in Pyramind’s production suites and include a range of software, from RX 3 to Trash 2, for use in upper-level curriculum in classes like “Mixing and Mastering” and “5.1 Surround Mixing.”

Learn more about Pyramind’s programs.

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