Los Angeles Film School on RX 3

iZotope News  |  May 22, 2014


Steve Miller, Program Director Recording Arts at the Los Angeles Recording School, has just added iZotope software to the LA Film School’s arsenal of audio tools.

“Our students are trained using effective, industry-standard tools like RX 3. Students in our audio post classes are currently using RX 3 to clean up noisy, distorted dialogue and production sound,” he says. “Students have found it to be simple to use yet it produces amazing results.”

The faculty at LA FIlm School is comprised of award-winning professionals in fields ranging from Film and Visual Effects to Music Production and Recording Arts. The LA Film School plans on utilizing iZotope audio tools in courses across the school in an effort to educate students on the importance of great-quality audio.

Andrew Ing, Course Director at the Los Angeles Recording School and Emmy Award-winning Sound Effects Editor, is also excited about adding the industry-standard RX 3 to his curriculum. “The day I got my copy of RX 3 Advanced the quality of my work increased exponentially. It’s a game changer to say the least!”

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