RX 3 Advanced Wins CAS Award

iZotope’s Audio Repair Suite voted #1 by top post production pros.

iZotope News  |  March 31, 2014


We’re proud to have won our second award from the Cinema Audio Society. Following up on our win for RX 2 in 2011, RX 3 Advanced has now taken the prize for Technical Achievement for Post Production. This distinguished award is presented to companies for engineering achievements in the field of post production, and underscores how RX 3 is now the standard for rescuing troubled audio from the cutting room floor.

We’re grateful to CAS for their support, and thank all the members who voted for us. Our mission is to create tools that inspire people like you to be creative. If we can help eliminate the noise in your everyday work and help you focus on your art, that’s the biggest win for us!

About the Cinema Audio Society

The Cinema Audio Society (CAS)—formed in 1964—is a philanthropic, non-profit organization with the purpose of sharing information with sound professionals in the motion picture and television industries. Through a series of educational meetings held throughout the year, CAS facilitates a discussion of topics that are of the utmost concern to industry professionals. In addition to their progressive educational program, CAS hosts an awards banquet to bestow the CAS Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for both feature films and television, as well as honor Academy Award nominees and Emmy Award winners for Best Sound.

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