Artist Stories

It's a treat for us to share stories from fellow members of the iZotope Community. These stories come from people of diverse backgrounds and skills, including top recording artists, producers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, sound designers, and many more.

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  • The New Audio Podcast Episode 5

    Summer is long and hot, so cool off with an icy cold episode of The New Audio Podcast.

  • Richard Devine: Inside the Modular Mind of a Synthesis Pioneer

    What do Aphex Twin, Trevor Wishart, and Google have in common? The sounds of renowned composer and electronic music producer, Richard Devine.

  • Prince's Unreleased Material—How to Treat the Artist's Legacy

    Prince left the world with a vast archive of unreleased material. How should it be disseminated and curated? Or should it stay locked away in the Paisley Park vaults?

  • How I Got the Gig as Prince's Audio Engineer

    Learn more about Dr. Susan Rogers and the beginning of her career working with Prince.

  • The New Audio Podcast, Episode 4: A history of vocal effects

    iZotope Research Sound Design Manager Jack Cote gives an informal overview of the history of vocal effects.

  • Diplo: Try and Try Again

    How the beat maker’s appetite for experimentation made his music — and his career — one win after another

  • In the Studio with Prince—Getting His Sound

    Learn more about the sounds and process behind Prince’s Purple Rain with his long-time engineer and collaborator, Dr. Susan Rogers.

  • A Dream Sequence: Interview with Brando Kress of Chateau d'If

    Learn how VocalSynth vocal effects plug-in fuels the Brooklyn creativity of producer Brando Kress.

  • 5 Questions with George Daniel of The 1975

    Drummer and producer George Daniel of The 1975 shares an inside look at the production of their latest record: “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It”

  • iZotope Artists Nominated for 2016 GRAMMY Awards

    See which artists using iZotope audio software products have been nominated for the 2016 GRAMMY Awards.

  • The New Audio Podcast, Episode 3

    Check out the third Installment of The New Audio Podcast. We sat down with several iZotope employees as well as some special guests to figure out what happened this year in music and beyond. 

  • Audio Post Production The Tour De France An Interview With Filip Jacobs

    Grueling athletic events like Tour de France present unique audio challenges that can only be solved through experience, intense work ethic, and a little creative RX'ing

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