Artist Stories

It's a treat for us to share stories from fellow members of the iZotope Community. These stories come from people of diverse backgrounds and skills, including top recording artists, producers, mixing engineers, mastering engineers, sound designers, and many more.

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  • Eavesdropping on Peabody-Nominated Podcast Homecoming: an Interview with Mark Henry Phillips

    Mark Henry Phillips is the producer, recordist, editor, sound designer, and composer of Homecoming. He shares how he tied everything together.

  • Behind the Sounds of Black Mirror: an Interview with Stefan Henrix

    Stefan Henrix, Supervising Sound Editor for three episodes of Black Mirror Season 3, talks about creating eerie sounds.

  • How to Make Money from Music Publishing: Advice from Zerbin's Peter Mol

    Multi-instrumentalist Peter Mol of indie-pop band Zerbin talks about making money from music publishing, collaborating on songs remotely, and more.

  • Interview: Owl City on Songwriting, Film Scoring, and Using RX

    Owl City talks with iZotope about songwriting on tour, pop music, film scoring, and how he uses RX to rescue old audio.

  • Interview: The Circle’s Dror Mohar on Designing Convincing Futuristic Sounds

    Dror Mohar, Supervising Sound Editor of The Circle, talks about his process designing sound for the film, keeping futuristic sounds authentic, and how he used RX.

  • The New Audio Podcast, Episode 11: Nick Krill—Indie Rock Production

    Episode 11 of The New Audio Podcast: Nick Krill talks about the importance of music production as play, chatting with The Chainsmokers, and more.

  • The New Audio Podcast Episode 12: Guy Lawrence from Disclosure

    On Episode 12 of The New Audio Podcast, we interview Guy Lawrence from the UK house duo Disclosure. 

  • Interview: London-based Soul Musician Aaron Taylor

    Aaron Taylor explains why his limitations playing guitar are blessings in disguise and why you should start writing songs with the gear you already own.

  • How Colin Brittain and Chad Cisneros Use VocalSynth

    Audio engineer Colin Brittain (One Ok Rock, Papa Roach, All Time Low) and producer Chad Cisneros (Tritonal) share how they use iZotope’s VocalSynth plug-in.

  • The New Audio Podcast Episode 10

    iZotope chats with Hip-Hop Super Producer, Nick Hook.

  • What Is Mastering? Latrell James: Two Slices of Bread

    In this interview, Latrell James sat down with us to talk about the role of mastering presets, where he turns to learn new mixing and mastering techniques, and how he uses Ozone to master his songs.

  • Relationship advice from the pros

    This Valentine's Day, we've reached out to some of the biggest names in the business to share their secrets to a successful relationship.

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