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  • Getting Started With Neutrino

    iZotope’s free Spectral Shaping plug-in, Neutrino, is designed to be subtle and easy-to-use.  Learn how to get started quickly with this tutorial.

  • RX Tips and Tricks: Removing Tonal Noise with Deconstruct

    In Episode 1 of the iZotope RX Tips and Tricks series, learn how to quickly remove tonal noise using the deconstruct module in RX 5 Advanced.

  • Headroom, Episode 2: "How We Hear, How We Listen"

    Check out the latest edition of our webcast, Headroom with Jonathan Wyner. Episode 2, "How We Hear, How We Listen," features audiologist Brian Fligor in Part 1, and acoustician Fran Manzella in Part 2. Tune in for tips on listening levels and how to build a better listening room.

  • Beat the heat: Tips for keeping the studio cool this summer

    Keep your studio chill and your energy costs low with these little known tips and suggestions.

  • iZotope staff picks: A SoundCloud playlist

    We asked everyone in the company to share what they’ve been listening to this summer. Have a listen!

  • iLok 3.0 Support

    New product updates to support iLok License Manager 3.0

  • The New Audio Podcast Episode 5

    Summer is long and hot, so cool off with an icy cold episode of The New Audio Podcast.

  • The Rare Occasions: Recording Across Coasts

    The Rare Occasions haven’t let geography disrupt their creative process. With band members spread across the US, they’ve found ways to collaboratively write and record remotely and have a critically-acclaimed new EP to show for it.

  • iZotope’s followers: A SoundCloud playlist

    We wanted to showcase the music of some iZotope users, so we combed through our followers on SoundCloud and picked out a few original songs from independent musicians across the world.

  • Stories of great gear found in unexpected places: Summer flea market and yard sales finds

    Summer’s here and an amazing yard sale music find is waiting for you. Check out these examples of found musical treasures.

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