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In the iZotope Community, an “artist” is not just limited to performing artists. Our artists include audio engineers, sound designers, post engineers, broadcast engineers, educators and more—anyone using iZotope products in an extraordinary or notable way.

  • Recording Artists

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    These artists perform their magic both on the stage and in the studio.
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  • Engineers

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    They may be behind the scenes, but their work makes the stars shine.
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  • Sound Designers

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    The mad scientists of the audio universe are concocting new sonic delights.
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  • Educators

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    Masters of audio in their own right, they also have a gift for teaching.
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  • Post Production

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    The fun has only just started once the initial recording or filming is done.
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  • Broadcast

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    They're under the gun to deliver before their productions hit the airwaves.
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