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  • Ozone 7 Vintage Bundle: Tips & Tricks

    Try these tricks with Ozone 7’s Vintage processors to add warmth and glue your mix together.

  • Ozone 7 Vintage Bundle: Vintage Vibe, Modern Control

    Learn what sets Ozone 7's Vintage Tape, Vintage EQ, and Vintage Compressor mixing and mastering plug-ins apart from analog modeled audio plug-ins.

  • The New Audio Podcast, Episode 9: Lo-Fi vs. Hi-Fi with Jonathan Wyner

    iZotope has a Polite Argument about Fidelity with Jonathan Wyner.

  • Celebrating the history of public radio with Radiolab

    Learn about the history of public radio and the evolving roles of broadcasting with insights from Radiolab sound designer Dylan Keefe.

  • iZotope Headroom, Ep 3, Pt 2: What is Loud?

    Episode 3, Part 2 features mastering engineer Adam Ayan of Gateway Mastering. How loud does Adam make his masters?  Does Adam make his masters loud?  Should YOU make your masters loud...and how? Tune in for answers to these questions and more!

  • Dozens of iZotope artists among the 59th GRAMMY Award nominations

    With the recent announcements of nominees for the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards, many iZotope artists are getting some well deserved recognition for their creative work.

  • Using compression to help vocals sit in a mix

    A little bit of compression can help level out a vocal and make it sit nicely on top of a track, but too much can make it sound dull and distant. Learn how to find that balance here.

  • The New Audio Podcast, Episode 8: DJ Swivel

    On this episode of The New Audio Podcast, iZotope chats with mix engineer to the stars, DJ Swivel.

  • ‘Westworld’: Creating the sounds of HBO’s latest hit

    Learn how the sound department for HBO’s “Westworld” have constructed a duplicity of sonic landscapes, and preserved hours of production dialogue with RX 5.

  • Differences between Ozone 7 Elements and Ozone 7

    Already own Ozone 7? Curious about how Ozone 7 Elements is different? Learn more here.

  • Getting started with Ozone 7 Elements

    Ozone 7 Elements makes the power and award-winning sound quality of Ozone 7 available in an easy-to-use plug-in for creating competitive masters right inside your digital audio workstation.

  • Inside the presets of Ozone 7 Elements

    Get an inside look at the powerful signal processing and 70+ presets built into Ozone 7 Elements mastering plug-in.

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