Using Spin Down in Vinyl to simulate record stops

Tips & Tutorials  |  February 1, 2016


The Spin Down button simulates slowly stopping playback of a record, modulating both playback speed and frequency. When used on the master bus, it can provide a dramatic overall effect as if someone has stopped the record playing. Within the context of a mix, it can add a unique but familiar effect when used on individual instruments or busses.

In this example, Spin Down is being used to modulate the frequency of a backing pad sound to add more motion to the backing instruments in the piece. Here, Vinyl was used to destructively process the pad sound, which was then edited within the DAW to ensure the chord changes stay in sync.

In this example, Spin Down is being used on the master bus to simulate the record playback stopping.

⤑ Download Vinyl to try this old radio sound in your mix.

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