Using Mobius Filter as a Guitar Modulation Effect

Tips & Tutorials  |  March 29, 2016

Based on the auditory illusion of the Shepard Tone, Mobius Filter plug-in adds motion and energy to your music for infinitely ascending or descending filter sweeps.

Every guitarist who has ever been on the hunt for his distinct sound—either by scrolling through amp simulators, perusing the spread of guitar pedals at the local guitar store, or taking a spin through effects presets—has wound up pushing his guitar tone through a phaser or a flanger at some point. Mobius Filter goes beyond standard phasing and flanging by running seemingly infinite filters in the same direction, giving your guitar track a unique rising or falling effect.

This example applies Mobius Filter to a guitar bus with two rhythm guitars panned left and right and a single arpeggiated lead. This technique unifies the guitar tracks so that they work together more cohesively, affected by the same modulation.

This example shifts between utilizing the “Pause” function—freezing movement to add expressive motion to the guitar bus with the X/Y pad—and utilizing the Host Sync function to add tempo synced, phaser-like effects. The Stereo slider can be used to push signal out to the sides, widening the perceived stereo image.

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