Take your studio to the beach

Beach-proofing your gear

Tips & Tutorials  |  July 6, 2016


If your only sunlight is suspiciously fluorescent and that cool breeze on your face is coming from the HVAC, you may be spending too much time in the studio. There’s no better time to enjoy the outdoors than summer, so hit the beach and bring your studio along for the ride with these tools and tips for beach-proofing your gear.

Make your recorder portable and durable

Perhaps the most obvious tool for on-location recordings is the portable recorder—or field recorder. For all of your audio needs on the go, the portable recorder is an invaluable companion. Unfortunately, like most electronics, its kryptonite is water and sand—in other words: The Beach.

Protect and enhance your outdoor recording experience with one of these waterproof cases from Sweetwater ($70-$100) or B&H’s collection of portable recorder cases ($5-$750).

Give your phone nine lives

With the wealth of recording apps available for your phone, you may already be carrying around the perfect field recorder in the pocket of your swim trunks. If you go that route, make sure that it’s sufficiently protected from sun, sand, and surf with a weatherproof case.

Keep the wind out of your microphone

If you’re recording on the beach, you’ll definitely want to bring along a windscreen.

Not only can a windscreen help prevent unwanted background noise from seeping into your recording, but it can also protect your mic from sand and other airborne debris. Both Sweetwater and Guitar Center have a variety of options to fit all of your microphone needs ($5-$50). You can also check out additional models with Supreme Audio’s buying guide.

If you need a windscreen for your portable recorder, here are a few from B&H.

Pro Tip: Take time of day into consideration. In virtually all locations, it is windiest during the late afternoon. If you want to avoid spending time cleaning up that unwanted wind noise—windscreen or not—hit the beach in the early morning.

Get silly for silica

It’s time to leave those fluorescent lights behind. Hit the beach. Hop in the water. And now that you've got these tips and tricks to make your gear weatherproof AF, don’t be worried about that phone in your pocket.

If you want even more suggestions for taking your sound outside, check out GearSlutz’s subreddit Remote Possibilities in Acoustic Music & Location Recording and Boom Box Post’s article Sound Effects Gathering: A Field Recording Guide.

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