Mobius Filter Deep Dive with Manchester Music

Take a tour through Mobius with our featured YouTuber, Geoff Manchester of Manchester Music

Tips & Tutorials  |  April 21, 2016

We love seeing videos made by the iZotope community members, and this treat from Geoff Manchester shows off some real-world fun with Mobius Filter.

In this video, Geoff explores Mobius Filter with a few different track styles and beats, showing how you can bring movement and life to a full mix or spice up just a single track.

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About Geoff

An award-winning composer, producer, and mixing engineer based in Canada, Geoff has built up his Manchester Music YouTube channel to help people learn how to make their music sound as good as possible.

Outside of making fun videos, Geoff keeps busy in the studio: he’ll soon be producing, mixing and mastering (with Ozone!) a forthcoming mixtape from Toronto rapper Travis Bowe, and he just finished the score for the forthcoming film On the Rocks.

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