Getting Started with the Creative Bundle

Tips & Tutorials  |  June 21, 2016

Relax the rules and spark your creativity with the Creative Bundle, a powerful music creation package for inspiring new directions in music and sound design. Craft other-worldly textures. Instantly sequence rhythmic and melodic beats. Distort, mangle and tear up your tracks. Then turn everything upside down with thrilling fills, complex effects, sweeps, and, of course stutters. With these four award-winning instruments and effects plug-ins—BreakTweaker, Iris 2, Trash 2, and Stutter Edit—the Creative Bundle is the perfect songwriting partner to make your productions stand out from the crowd.

Need a Creative Bundle quick start? Check out the tutorials below to get up and running using four of the most powerful tools in electronic music production.

Getting Started with BreakTweaker

Get started using BreakTweaker with this introductory tutorial by Groove3. Learn to assemble 24 patterns with the sequencer, sculpt sounds with the sound generator, and divide a single step into thousands of slices with the microedit engine.

Getting Started with Iris 2

The best way to learn Iris 2 is to start experimenting and making some music with it. Dig into Iris 2 with the 20-minute Manual tutorial series, developed by Groove3.

Getting Started with Stutter Edit

Experience the power of Stutter Edit as a sound design and compositional tool with this demo from the designer/technologist himself, GRAMMY-nominated music producer, BT.

Getting Started with Trash 2

Learn to use Trash 2 with this in-depth review and product demo by Pro Tools Expert.

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