iZotope Headroom, Ep 3, Pt 2: What is Loud? | Adam Ayan Discusses Loudness in Mastering


iZotope Education Director Jonathan Wyner and his guests discuss a fresh topic each month, exploring the intersection of music production, music making, and technology. Some episodes are weighted more to music, some more to tech, and some wander all the way toward the bleeding edge!

In Episode 3, Part 2 of Headroom, Jonathan is joined by Mastering Engineer Adam Ayan from Gateway Mastering in Portland, ME. Jonathan and Adam explore the issue of ‘loudness’ relative to the most popular and common platforms for distributing and streaming music, and Adam shares his current thinking on how he adjusts masters based on what will happen in playback to the consumer. How loud does Adam make his masters? Does Adam make his masters loud? Should YOU make your masters loud...and how? Tune in for answers to these questions and more!

Watch the video:

Check out Adam’s discography here: Adam Ayan

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