Why Upgrade? Comparing RX Elements, RX 6 Standard, and RX 6 Advanced


Having trouble with a tough audio issue? Just looking to add some extra power to your production arsenal? Each version of RX 6 comes packed with groundbreaking processing that can help you solve audio problems you may have thought were unfixable.

If you are an RX 6 owner and are considering an upgrade, this blog is designed to help you pick the best version for your needs. Read on for a complete rundown on each upgrade tier.

For even more details, check out the full RX features comparison page and pricing guide.


By upgrading from RX 6 Elements to RX 6 Standard, you can…

Paint away audio issues on the spectrogram with Spectral Repair

An RX staple, Spectral Repair is a powerful tool that lets you visually edit audio on the spectrogram. Just select a frequency area you want to adjust, and Spectral Repair will reduce it to the level of the noise floor, replace it with audio from around the selection, or generate entirely new audio to fit the selection. Watch the video below for just a few ways Spectral Repair can save your audio:

Quickly clean up issues across multiple tracks with Composite View

The Composite View feature in the RX Audio Editor combines all active tabs into one “Composite” tab that allows you to apply the same processing to multiple files simultaneously—perfect for when you need to repair the same audio issue across multiple files (typically occurring when multiple mics are capturing the same source).

Perfect your vocal tracks with enhanced signal processing

RX 6 Standard adds essential cleaning and processing tools for vocals, including De-ess, De-plosive, Breath Control, and Mouth De-click. Turn problematic vocals into pristine takes with just a few passes in RX! Watch the video below to learn more:  

Remove mic bleed with De-bleed:

An industry first, the De-bleed module can reduce or even remove the leakage of one signal into another. It does this by first analyzing the track that is the source of the bleed, and then “subtracting” that signal from the track in which the bleeding occurs. This module shines when removing a click track bleeding from your vocalist’s headphones, or reducing another instrument bleeding into your drum track.

By upgrading from RX 6 Standard to RX 6 Advanced, you can…

Do everything you can do in RX 6 Standard

That’s right, RX 6 Advanced contains all the features in RX 6 Standard!  That means in addition to all the incredible Advanced capabilities, you still get the benefit of Spectral Repair, De-Bleed, Composite View, and other workflow improvements.

Tackle difficult audio issues with De-Rustle and De-Wind

Using advanced machine learning technology, the De-rustle and De-wind modules are trained specifically to hone in on those troublesome low-frequency artifacts commonly picked up by lavalier mics. The results are completely transparent and can save you hours of time.

Instantly strip away the toughest of background noise with Dialogue Isolate

A favorite among our users working in professional audio post, Dialogue Isolate uses machine learning technology to remove all background noises, leaving you with only the vocal. Separate spoken dialogue from non-stationary background noise such as crowds, traffic, and footsteps with ease!

Match noise floors and EQ curves from one recording to another with Ambience Match and EQ Match

Another essential tool for audio post, Ambience Match and EQ Match can analyze the noise profile or EQ curve from one piece of audio and apply it to another, useful for cleaning up vocal edits, or ensuring consistency between takes in different locations.

Isolate and adjust noisy and tonal audio with Deconstruct

Deconstruct is an RX secret weapon. Used correctly, it can be the most effective tool in your arsenal for removing difficult audio issues. It does this by intelligently dividing the selected audio into “noisy” and “tonal” information, allowing you to “search and destroy” across specific frequency areas. If Spectral De-noise or De-hum aren’t getting the job done, try Deconstruct!

By upgrading from RX 6 Advanced to Post Production Suite 2, you get…

Neutron 2

iZotope’s premiere mixing plug-in suite, Neutron 2 is a channel strip that will quickly become a workhorse in your sessions. Not only does Neutron 2 offer best-in-class processing with its feature-packed EQ, Compression, Exciter, Multiband Gate, and Transient Shaper modules, but it also features revolutionary new assistive technology such as Masking Meter, Track Assistant, Mix Tap, and Visual Mixer. Also included is Tonal Balance Control and five individual component plug-ins for added flexibility.

Learn more about Neutron 2.


Insight is your complete metering solution for any project. Post users can ensure broadcast loudness compliance with short-term and integrated loudness meters and a loudness history graph. Music producers can keep an eye on their stereo spread and phase with the Vectorscope, and the tonal balance of the mix with a customizable spectrogram. You can even color code the spectrogram to highlight individual tracks in your mix, thanks to iZotope’s inter plug-in communication technology!  

Learn more about Insight.

RX Loudness Control

The power-user’s dream plug-in, RX Loudness Control is a lightweight, easy to use processor that can quickly analyze your audio for broadcast loudness compliance and apply faster-than-real-time processing to keep it all within spec. Learn more about RX Loudness Control here, Watch the video below for more info on this essential tool for audio post: