Top Reasons to Upgrade to RX 5 Audio Editor

Since 2008, RX has made it easier than ever to visualize, edit, and polish your audio. Don't miss out on the latest generation's new tools and enhancements.

October 15, 2015


We've always focused our RX audio repair and enhancement toolkit on resolving common audio problems, such as distortion removal, background noise reduction, and other issues. Over the past 7 years, with the help and critical feedback of the passionate RX user base, RX has undergone several evolutions.

Now, with the latest version, RX has become RX 5 Audio Editor. We're committed to ensuring that the latest, greatest generation of RX is the most capable audio editor out there. With revolutionary, time-saving tools for both music and audio post production applications, RX is built for anyone who’s ever had to fix an audio problem they couldn’t avoid.

To see, hear, and experience the full difference for yourself, you’ll need to download the free trial, particularly to hear the improvements in existing modules you may currently use. But here are the top reasons to upgrade:

From our first version of RX to the current RX 5 Audio Editor, we've added more than 22 new audio processing modules. We've also added a whole host (no pun intended) of algorithmic improvements and additional features to existing modules.

The latest version of RX also includes workflow enhancements such as multi-core support, multi-file support, .RXDOC session support, audio recording and monitoring, codec support, Retina display support, markers and regions, considerable performance improvements, and many other audio editing enhancements.

Try it for yourself today. The trial installs side by side with your existing version of RX, to avoid any workflow interruptions.

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