The New Audio Podcast Episode 12: Guy Lawrence from Disclosure

Artist Stories  |  April 25, 2017


At iZotope, we love audio in all its shapes and forms. The New Audio Podcast is a forum for candid, spirited, and wide-ranging discussions with audio engineers, producers, and musicians. We'll get to the bottom of the things, chat about industry trends, music, and even meet some of iZotope's talented core of audio professionals.

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In the latest episode of The New Audio Podcast, iZotope stalwarts Sean Greenhalgh and Geoff Manchester interview Guy Lawrence from the UK house duo, Disclosure. Guy has some great insights about learning production through his use of Ozone, throwing out the music production rule-book, and even calls out VocalSynth as being a cool new tool. We know, right?

Later in the show, Sean and Geoff bicker—er—debate drummers vs. drum machines, and weigh in on one of the new Kendrick Lamar tracks, "Pride," which eighteen-year-old phenom Steve Lacy produced using his iPhone.

For some extracurricular listening, here are things Sean and Geoff mention in the episode:

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