Ross Lara: Getting into the field with BreakTweaker

Artist Stories  |  July 17, 2014

Ross Lara has spent over a decade building an innovative career as an artist, engineer, and chart-topping producer. His credits have brought him into the worlds of pop, dance, and electronica, and include work with some of the industry’s most influential musicians.

As a world-traveling music producer, Lara is currently leading a charmed life and he knows it. With his company Archipelago Entertainment, Lara seeks to combine the common qualities of music, technology, and the world of adventure — all while seeking out new sounds and unique perspectives that help keep his sounds fresh.

“I’ve had epiphanies or awakenings during my world travels that have really inspired me both musically and in the overall creative direction of my life. Travelling and being able to have these tools and a laptop is so exciting. I count my lucky stars as much as I can that I get to see the world and make music.”  

Lara finds inspiration in both nature and in iZotope’s BreakTweaker: “Outside my window there are birds chirping. If you were to put that into BreakTweaker, it would sound beautiful and granular.”

Fittingly, for this video, Lara wanted to take his work to the great outdoors of the Georgia countryside. “My vision was to take my interest and passion for finding and recording sounds in the field — particularly in the world travel that I’m fortunate enough to be able to do — and use BreakTweaker to combine and treat those sounds to make them musical.”

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