New Release Friday: Using iZotope RX on Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Wrong Creatures

by Dave Godowsky, iZotope

January 12, 2018

Every Friday, we’re sharing a newly released song or album from one of our favorite artists and how they used an iZotope product on it.

This week features Peter Hayes, singer and guitarist of rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, sharing how he used RX on their new album Wrong Creatures (released January 12, 2018 on Vagrant Records).

“I had a day of ghosts at my home studio, getting weird clicks coming down my vocal line. It was probably my upstairs landlord using his leaf blower or shaver—who knows? Of course we were hitting a deadline as well. I was able to use iZotope RX to get in and save the vocal takes.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a take ruined like that, but the relief of being able to fix stuff like that is amazing.” —Peter Hayes, Singer/Guitarist, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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