How iZotope Helped Shape the Sound of Neko Case’s New Record, 'Hell-On'


Every Friday, we’re sharing a newly released song or album from one of our favorite artists and how they used an iZotope product on it.

This week we spoke to Lasse Mårtén, mix engineer for the new Neko Case record Hell-On (released June 1 on ANTI- Records).

Different modules of iZotope Ozone and iZotope RX 6 were used on a number of individual tracks and busses throughout the mix of the album.

On Neko’s lead vocals, I used the Vintage EQ last in the chain to dial in the right color and tone. It’s perfect for bringing out the sheen without making the vocal sound harsh, adding some weight without the mud, and also to give the voice some attitude in the mids.

On the guitars, the Dynamic EQ was used quite a bit to keep the low end in place. Most of the time the acoustic guitars were run through an amp in parallel with the guitar mics, and that caused the lows and low-mids to build up a lot at some places. I find that multiband compressors can be a bit blunt for these tasks, but the Dynamic EQ works flawlessly.

On the drum bus, I used the Ozone Maximizer in Transient mode to shave off a couple of dB's to take some stress off of the mix bus compressor.

Finally, what really made my day was iZotope RX. I used it to clean up a lot of smacks, pops, hiss and hum. I absolutely didn’t want things to sound sterile, but there is good noise and then there is bad noise, and sometimes there was just too much of the latter.

When you have tons of overdubs, cleaning up the tracks can take forever. But RX did it for me while I was having a cappuccino.”

— Lasse Mårtén, Mix Engineer

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