Damian Kearns: Post Production’s “Jack of All Trades”

From PBS Frontline to the FIFA World Cup, the award-winning engineer relies on the RX family of audio post production tools on every job.

Artist Stories  |  August 11, 2015


Damian Kearns is an award-winning engineer specializing in audio for post production on everything from iPhone apps to feature films. With more than 20 years experience in post audio (18 years as an editor and mixer), he was CBC Toronto's de facto in-house Pro Tools trainer for much of the aughts. As a post audio jack-of-all-trades, you’re as likely to find Damian recording voiceover, Foley, and ADR as you’d find him mixing and training personnel.

RX 4: “It’s My Right Arm"

The RX family of products is an essential part of Damian’s day-to-day studio experience. “My workflow and cash flow these days hinges on having RX 4 Advanced strapped into my template, via RX Monitor, RX Connect, and a Pro Tools Window Configuration to allow me to quickly call up the RX Connect plug-in which I constantly have open. It’s the best piece of software I own.”

“The bulk of my workload in post audio comes from field sound and archival recordings, so using and mastering every module in RX is essential for me.”

RX Final Mix: Balancing creativity and control

Another reliable constant in Damian’s workflow is RX Final Mix. “I use it daily. The combination of a multi-band dynamic EQ and a True Peak Limiter allows me to be as creative as I want, and gives me the power to manipulate the spectral content of any audio I’m mixing with pinpoint accuracy. One of my tricks is to use RX Final Mix inside RX 4 Advanced’s standalone app as a plug-in dynamic EQ. I find the EQ really helps me hit the sonic niches I’m aiming for, and the True Peak Limiter keeps me dead on target.”

RX Loudness Control: Damian’s “insurance policy”

In addition to RX and RX Final Mix, Kearns is a big fan of RX Loudness Control. Anything that can streamline his workflow leaves time for any of his myriad other roles; this is a major boon to managing his valuable studio time.

“Sometimes the amount of projects I work on simultaneously is overwhelming. I can’t afford mistakes. The last thing I need is something going out the door too loud and coming back to me, rejected. RX Loudness Control ensures I’ll always be delivery compliant.”

“I use RX Loudness Control not only to ensure compliance but also to bump my mixes up in level so they can be presented on the Internet or used in apps (ex. -16 LKFS, Peak -2). The simplicity, the universal preset settings, the transparent processing: RX Loudness Control keeps my mixes intact, even when I have to grossly adjust my peak and level settings for stringent broadcast requirements. It’s marvellous..."


"...I don’t send anything out of my studio without running it through RX Loudness Control first. It’s my little insurance policy.”

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