Music Production Suite Pro

Try Music Production Suite Pro free for 7 days and unlock your creativity with a complete music production workflow. Sign up now and immediately use RX, Ozone, Neutron, and more to mix, master, and put a finishing polish on all your tracks.

Included Products

RX Pro for Music

Unrivaled audio repair & source separation.

Ozone Pro

The future of mastering.

Neutron Pro

The modern way to mix.

Nectar Pro

Let your vocals sit in the mix.

Neoverb Pro

The smartest reverb for music production.

VocalSynth Pro

Unique vocal synthesizers & stompbox effects.

Tonal Balance Control Pro

Get great sound in any listening environment.

Insight Pro

Measure loudness, stereo image, spectrum, & more.


Communicate across plug-ins for a streamlined workflow

Visual Mixer

Intuitively mix your audio in a virtual space

Melodyne 5 essential

GRAMMY®-winning pitch & time correction

Exclusive benefits

Get all updates, features, and add-ons for free as long as you subscribe

Get inspired with exclusive presets, sessions, and sounds.

Get up to speed with in depth educational content.

Recent updates: Neutron Pro

See Your Sound. Scope Your Sidechain.

The perfect sidechain? It’s now within reach. Dial in your perfect sidechain with the new oscilloscope view in Neutron Pro’s compressor. You’ve heard compression. Now, see it too.

Music Production Suite Pro members get access to the newest product features like this one. Scope it out!


All Pro products, always up to date.

Plus exclusive tutorials, presets, samples, and resources to help you deliver the highest-quality sound every time.

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Subscription FAQs

What is different about a “Pro” version of an iZotope product?

The “Pro” label indicates the subscription version of an iZotope product. “Pro” products will be receiving additional features over time, which will be available to you as long as you subscribe.

How do Pro products compare to existing iZotope products?

Pro Product

Previous Version Equivalent

RX Pro for Music

RX 8 Standard

Insight Pro


Ozone Pro*

Ozone 9 Advanced

Neutron Pro

Neutron 3 Advanced

Nectar Pro

Nectar 3 Plus

Neoverb Pro


VocalSynth Pro

VocalSynth 2

Tonal Balance Control Pro

Tonal Balance Control 2

*This version currently doesn't have the previous' standalone application. This is coming soon!

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